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The Journal of Micirobiology and Antimicrobial Agents (JMAA) is published Semi-annually. JMAA is an online, electronic publication of general circulation to the Medical and Biomedical community. The Journal of Micirobiology and Antimicrobial Agents is a peer-reviewed publication that contains original general interest and discipline specific articles related to all aspects of general, applied, medical and clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, antimicrobials treatment, biotechnology and molecular biology. The materials, articles, and information provided in this journal have been peer reviewed by the independent reviewer and members of the editorial board. The information contained in this journal is not intended to create any kind of patient-therapist relationship or representation whatsoever. 

Established in 2014.

Started 2015.

1 Volume per year

Any queries regarding the content of the journal should be addressed to the publisher:

Email:  publisher.ambs@gmail.com


United Kingdom